Poetry: Nature’s Nature


I looked out through the window, yearning out.

The auburn leaves gently cascading down,

But I’m trapped in here, with the urge to shout.

A wind blows by, a branch falls from the crown.

The sun is shining, smiling at the rose;

Clear skies, green grass, nature sure is quite fair,

Rushing rivers roaring as water flows:

The sound of birds chirping whilst in the air.

However, I’m doomed to solve this assignment,

I’m stuck in this chair, til’ what’s done is done,

Tis’ a shame, as it’s horrid confinement;

How I’d love to joyfully jump and run.


Loading textbooks onto my back, heavily

Dragging my spine into a permanent curve

My shoes are untied and hair, messily

Floating, static electricity, I swerve

In the hallways past glowering teachers,

Snotty sycophants, and tech-addicted chumps,

Opening up my locker and creatures

Staring up at me, they smell like the dumps

Blasting bells ring a ding and the horde gets

Mobile, sweating, coughing, leaking fumes as they trudge,

Cramped in the hallway a throng of tall brunettes

Blocking my vision, their hair looks like sludge


Coasting down a Vermont hillside, two days

Remaining in motocross race camp

That summer, every particle and every ray

Of my heart rebelled against the damp

City I’d have to return to, with no

Hills to run upon, or oceans to swim.

In here, I am a motorcycle pro

Out there, I feel like a teen that’s dim

Riding at an insane speed, hair swooshing,

uncontrollable laughter, surrounded

by the dazzling wildlife and friends losing.

Bottle these minutes up to keep me unbounded!




pastries & poetry

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pastries & poetry

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